International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey
Turkan AYDOGMUS, Ph.D.
Turkan Aydogmus has got her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. degree in nanotechnology at Texas A&M University. After graduating from A&M, she’s worked as a post-doctorate researcher in Molecular Therapeutics department at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX. Past five years, she’s been working as a subsurface Research/Reservoir engineer at Shell Oil Company in Houston. Besides her strong professional background in engineering, her broad curiosity towards human body dynamics and physical health made her get extensive trainings in anatomy, kinesiology, and nutrition for 20 years. Her spiritual search and knowledge in Sufism, Kabbalah and Yoga combining with her background in science and health compelled her to come up with the HATHA project. She believes that, the path to ultimate happiness goes through finding the physical-mental-spiritual balance within and with others, by learning to give “unconditional love” to yourself and others.