International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Knowledge and knowing about life can captivate and occupy us, but in the end they are thoughts about life and not Life!

Yoga shows a different way to focus the mind, which goes beyond analysis and data gathering, beyond exercise for strength and flexibility as outlined by athletic needs or beyond a common sense approach to longevity. 
To gain proficiency in yoga or life requires focus and patience to allow what is possible to be explored and recognized.   Yoga broadens and cultivates the tastes that define the range of happiness, and a growing conscious trust that embraces Life with the passion to weather and cherish its intensity.
How many postures must you collect and how many backbends do you have to perform before you have a soul or you regain the value you were given by those who loved you as a newborn? 
If as a child, you had limited capacities and considering how far you may have come as an adult, and then how much more would you have to achieve to be happy now?  Happiness is not about action and capacities, and a quiet mind does not come from doing, but from recognizing the value in each moment.  Recognizing what to cherish.  Appreciating the eyes of those you love while they are there, and knowing that those moments are limited, and there will be a time when they will not be there.  Each moment is precious with those you love.
Appreciation of the moment is part of the everyday experience of the extreme athlete, or the average person in the midst of large and quiet heroic feats of their daily existence.
Yoga can help reduce your suffering.  It will not give you a soul.  It will give you a respite from your pains, so you can have a chance to recognize that value is not in doing, but in being.  It may not permanently stop your pains.  No pose will change your taxes or relationship.  No pose will give you happiness.  The mind will always want more or something else.  Nothing will help until you see the magic of the moment, and become grateful for that alone. 
 Answers are found in the Silent, Still, “Spacious” in the heart felt in the quietness of the state that yoga points toward.
Quietly the gifts of strength, deep mental calm and flexibility grow out of steadiness regardless of outcomes, rather than by forcing the body to perform physical feats as the limited grasping mind demands.  This leads to a deeper understanding of what is hidden behind the heart, body, breath and most certainly the mind, and guides you to the secret source of yoga knowledge.  In this place seeing is done without eyes, feeling without form and the self is recognized as a sensory field where Life is experienced beyond the conceived limits of happiness.
The energetic secrets of an advanced practice arise from an awareness of this sensory field, and the depths of perceived details summarizes into simple principles that hide the complexity of the miracles of Life.  The Life that breathes through you in each moment.