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DR. Joseph & DR. Carolyn CLAUSS

Doctors Joseph and Carolyn Clauss have been practicing chiropractic for 25 years in their two offices located in Upstate New York. They specialize in holistic health, vitalism, nutrition, and upper cervical subluxation correction. Their specific techniques and clinical experience has empowered them to know that there is a great potential for the natural healing abilities that are driven by the innate intelligence and nervous system. Their Chiro passion is to serve others and assist as many as possible to restore their health and function at their optimal potential. In their 18th year in practice they delivered their one millionth adjustment! The doctors have lectured at chiropractic and health conferences, state and national chiropractic associations, and many colleges and universities throughout the US. Dr. Joe and Dr. Carolyn are founding members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and are certified by the American Naturopathic Board. In 2010, Dr. Joseph Clauss was honored by the New York State Chiropractic Council, and was presented with the Beacon award for “Chiropractor of the Year” in excellence and leadership. 

Dr. Carolyn Clauss before entering into the profession of chiropractic engaged in cancer research involving in vitro cell culture techniques. While researching, Dr. Carolyn was faced with a serious health challenge and a prognosis of surgical removal of the right kidney.  This challenge led her to spin not only her research in a 180 degree direction, but her whole outlook on life. By the recommendation of a dear friend she sought out chiropractic care.  Within months her health returned and so began her quest for a profession of chiropractic and natural health care. 
The Doctors have been best friends, husband and wife, and partners for 30 years.  They enjoy living on their organic farm in the Adirondack Mountains, homeschooling their three sons Joseph, Rocco, and Patrick. Presently, their vision is to continue educating about the vitalistic approach to health and chiropractic principles and the importance of the nervous system and its effects on the mind body connection and well being for all ages, worldwide.