International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey
Neslihan İSKİT

She has started yoga work on the year 2000, and she got education (veya training) on yoga therapy field in order to share the effects of yoga on her with other people.

Dr. Neslihan İskit received her Yoga Instructor certificate from University of Vivekananda at India. She is participating the congresses held at the University every year ; and she is sharing the information that she won during the year with other complementary medical experts from the different countries of the world.
She received her Certificate of Heart Yoga from  Kripalu Center where Mr.Nischala Joy Devi (who is famous with his yoga work on  heart illnesses that he has carry together with Dr.Dean Ornish at U.S.A.) is giving international training.
She got her “Yin Yoga” and “Anatomy of Yoga” training from Mr.Paul Grilley at the same Center.
She got the training on “The Healing of Depression and Anxiety by Yoga” from Life Force Yoga Healing Institute in the year 2007.
She has participated many work-shop programs with world-wide famous teachers like Manju Jois, Richard Freeman, Sarah Powers, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.
She also participated a seminar program prepared by Yoga Journal, and she got education related with “the healing of stress by Yoga” and  “Yoga for Pregnancy”
She has two books, one is“Yoga for Pregnancy and Children in 99 pages” book which was published by Is Bank Cultural Publishments; and another book named “Heart Yoga” which is prepared together with Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez and Dr. Selim Tansal and published by Torques Book.
Dr Neslihan Iskit’s 3 DVD’s  named “Heart Yoga”, “Children Yoga” and “Yoga for Pregnancy” were prepared by Gala Film.