International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Detoxing (Purification) and Healthy Life Expert

Gül Kaynak studied at the Tarsus American College and in the Department of International Relations of Boğaziçi University, also receiving a bachelor’s degree of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management from the same university.
She worked as a manager in the leading spas and hotels of Turkey and organized detoxing programmes.
In November 2005, she joined the LifeCo. As a manager, she carried out the detoxing programmes organized in the centers of The Lifeco, Bodrum, Detox Center and Akatlar İstanbul Well-Being . Additionally, she made examinations in various detoxing centers located in Thailand, Germany and USA.
For seven years, she carried out sales, marketing and public relations work within The LifeCo. And in June 2011, she transferred to D-Life, which is a Doğuş organization.
Gül Kaynak makes speeches on detoxing, purification and healthy life to various communities and appears in TV programmes.