International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Olga’s had he r first brush with yoga in the late 90’s while in college doing graduate work. In 2001 she started practicing seriously, and driven by some avid curiosity she became familiar with many yoga traditions. Her practice is influenced by many most notably John Friend and her beloved teacher Robert Boustany.

She is currently a full time teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (the National Yoga Registry in the U.S.) as an experienced teacher-E-RYT.  In addition, she has a solid background in human anatomy and physiology, which comes from having a B.S. in Biology.
As a teacher she’s fascinated by diversity; differences not only in body types and body mechanics, but also by the light that every student brings to class. She enjoys working with students of all ages and physical abilities; from kids to older adults, athletes to injured students, and moms-to-be. She can modify the practice so it is accessible and beneficial to everyone. 
Like many, she started yoga to recover from a physical injury and found out that the practice has so much more to offer.  She’s living testimony that through practicing yoga with dedication and intelligence one can shift the focus away from injury and pain into fully enjoying life.