International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey
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Even computers have “hard ware” and “soft ware”. How about “human”? Expensive cars, big houses, clothes, tools… We are surrounded by the materials we’ve purchased. Do you think that we’ve forgotten the meaning of life in this material world we created?

The art of awakening is an international project lead by a non-profit organization called”HATHA-NEFES”. We welcome everybody who would like to experience “consciousness awakening” to unconditional love to SPIRIST 2012.

The Idea and purpose

The project called “the art of awakening” (yeni bir ben doguyor) is lead by Hatha-Nefes non-profit organization. SPIRIST conferences are the part of this project. The main purpose of this project is to manifest unconditional love into physical world.
If we want to make a difference in the world, we need to change the human mind first; the way mankind thinks today is the reason for most of the wars, fights and imbalances. In order to find the balance and peace in the world, every human needs to find balance within. 
Mentally, physically and spiritually healthy and balanced individuals are keys to a balanced-world. Becoming healthy and balanced individual is the key to manifesting unconditional love into physical world, meaning everyday life.
Let’s describe the unconditional love for our purpose: A state of mind in which the individual has the goal of increasing the welfare of another with no exception (race, religion, color, sex etc.) despite any evidence of benefit or expectation for themselves. How can we bring human being to this level of higher consciousness? 
Educate, train, act on it and share!
First step is to create self-awareness: face with your demons (all kinds of restrictive, limiting conditioning) within. 
Second step is to take charge: find the right tools to fix them (understand and transform your demons). 
Result: Then behaviors, thoughts and decisions are expected to change automatically in a positive way (if you accept your beast, it will become the beauty). 
So the first decision:”Everybody has to work on himself/herself not others”
We believe this project (awakening) will eventually benefit the whole humanity by the dynamics of the butterfly effect. Health conscious individuals of today will come away from each SPIRIST conference with the knowledge to promote more peaceful and unified generations in the future.
This is a movement started with people not with any company. It is not just a conference; it is not just a charity work. It is a movement as one breath, one soul towards achieving a higher consciousness that experiences unconditional love.


We will conduct holistic health conferences that share wisdom/knowledge to participants in cities around the world. All the proceeds from the conferences will go to the local charity in that country (usually it will be related to kids since they are the future). The first conference will be held in Istanbul Turkey, in Nov 30-Dec 2 2012. And the proceeds will go to Turkish orphanages to create second languages, music and physical activity programs. The vision here is to create mentally, physically and spiritually healthy kids for humanity. This way we will present an example of an unconditional love, giving for the sake of sharing with no expectation. The beauty of this project is that the whole project itself is the example of practicing unconditional love because all the presenters (respected instructors, doctors, scientists, writers from variety of fields) are donating their time and knowledge absolutely with no return.
Rumi's 22nd generation granddaughter, Esin Celebi BAYRU, will be there as a speaker and we will have a section for Rumi and his spiritual teachings.
This 3-day conference will have different theme for each day:
Day 1: Nov 30, 2012: Theme: “I”, Knowing yourself. Who am I? (It will include talks about DNA, Breath, Nervous System, Brain, what is Soul according to Kabbalah, Sufism, Buddhism and yoga and related workshops after)
Day 2: Dec 1st, 2012: Theme: “Healing” (It will include talks about physical healing and therapy for soul and mind with art, music and yoga/meditation. The talks will also discuss the latest scientific research on alternative healing, and related workshops after)
Day 3: Dec 2nd, 2012: Theme: “Unconditional Love, unity and balance” (it will include talks about unconditional love and people’s interactions with surroundings at work, family, on the planet and related workshops after)
Are you ready to become SPIRIST?
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