International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Burak Akçakanat is an integral guide and life coach. He has been guiding individuals, couples, business leaders and self help professionals towards a sense of peace and fulfillment for over 10 years.

Love and passion are constant sources of inspiration. The core curriculum of his teaching demonstrates how to model a way of life that combines an integral approach to self and spiritual development. He unfolds consciousness with a process he developed over years of research, study, firsthand experience with a vast array of human conditions, spiritual traditions and main stream religions as well as scientific disciplines. Following his enlightenment and being in oneness for over a year at his early thirties, he has committed his life translating the dynamics of existence and working on its grounded applications to micro version of it; human being. 
This process allows the safe and gradual expansion of  seven levels of consciousness which are the core drives of human being those all work together  to attain enlightenment. 
His formal education includes degrees in Industrial Design from METU and Certifications in Life & Executive Coaching from Maltepe University.