International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Elyan graduated from the Psychology Department of Vermont College, Norwich University. She completed her Psychotherapy Master at Metanoia Institute and became in England a registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and a UKCP member. She also completed Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Gestalt Foundation education and Gestalt OSD Center’s Gestalt Group Intensive education.

She worked and made presentations at the Psychiatry clinics of İstanbul Cerrahpaşa Hospital, London Fullham Hospital and Bakırköy Day Hospital. She started her Art Therapy work in İzer Foundation with disabled and autistic children and continued this work with the students of Jewish High School and adult groups. She is continuing her own education to include Movement Therapy to her work.
Bases on her philosophy of “the only thing that does not change is change itself”, she is still globetrotting for her Gestalt and spiritual work. Her purpose is to develop and share her knowledge and insights in order to help people attain their highest aims, empower themselves and achieve internal peace.