International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Kaia's initial explorations in yoga and meditation in the early 70s took her to seminars around Europe, then out to India, where she spent 12 years in meditation, exploring consciousness, clearing karma, and studying advanced yogic practice. During this time she had a profound kundalini awakening, which took a decade to integrate. Her personal experience, BSc and MA degrees in psychology, and scientific research created a foundation for her spiritual counseling, her DVD "Spiritual Emergence" and her book "Journey Through Transformation."

Born in a musical family, she started piano classes at age- 4. Over the next 20 years explored several wind and string instruments, percussion and chanting and performed internationally. She now uses these skills for group healing and raising consciousness. Her CD Inner Quiet has received praise from many for its ability to release stress and improve sleep patterns.
Kaia has been teaching and leading workshops since 1986, using words of inspiration, yoga, qigong, sound, and silence to deepen people's meditative experience. Her spiritual counseling integrates yogic practice, shamanic medicine, Byron Katie's work, art therapy, EFT, sand tray therapy, and energy work to clear unhealed experiences and bring people to their full potential.
In answer to calls from a troubled humanity and mother earth, Kaia is increasingly focusing on integrating our spiritual awareness with our daily lifestyles. She co-founded Transition Ottawa, built a solar powered cabin, and trained in permaculture design. She is presently co-creating an eco-community, discovering ways to live a joyous, peaceful, loving co-existence with nature and all beings - to build heaven on earth.