International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

He was born into the World with intense mediumistic abilities. Thanks to his abilities, he has guided his family and the people around him since his childhood. At the age of 7, he started meditation and by the courtesy of his own natural abilities, he applied his work on energy upon the people around him.

He finished his primary education at the Prestige College, İstanbul.
He finished his secondary and high school at the Egerton Rothesay School and Aylesbury College, both of which are located in England.
He received a sociology and psychology education in England.
Also with the help of his family, he received various meditation and higher consciousness educations in England, Netherlands and France.
While he was 15, he started a 3 year course of Feng shui education in England and achived Mastery in Feng Shui.
While he was in Netherlands, he received a 7 months course from Rika Kimberly, in which he learned the importance of matter in a material world and how to programme the consciousness of matters.
The areas of which he received education worldwide are the following: Past life therapy, awareness of dreams, Reiki 1-2-3, Reiki mastery and teaching, Rasheeba Mastery, electromagnetic field balancing level 1, 2, 3 and 4, astrology, bioenergy, psychokinesology, NLP, management of the subconscious, control of emotions, therapy with elements, cleaning of the subtle body and the pyhsical body, Angels initiation, Goddess initiation, mastery and teaching of goddess energy, speaking wih the pyhsical body, speaking with the subtle body, Osho meditations, Quan Yin initiation, transformation of life with Mantras and its teaching, initiation of all kinds of curing Stones, access to consciousness, Atlantis techniques, subtle body surgery and mastery, Touch of Oneness initiation and education seminar, Primary Angels and Worldly Angels.
In Italy, he served for many times as an instructor and organization coordinator of collective meditation and energy sessions, in which 10 thousand people participated.
In Turkey, he has been to many cities with enlightenment meditation groups in order to give enlightenment to thousands of people so that their energy and consciousness may change.
In İstanbul, he instructed to special groups on deep kundalini meditation, enlightenment and energy awareness.
He examines various metapyhsical and spiritual assocations, groups, studies, gurus, teachings and sessions all over the world and in Turkey. As a consequence of these examinations and his own educations, he has been giving for years a Service of Spiritual Counseling.
Even though he makes Feng Shui by means of his own mediumistic abilities and high energy awareness, he opts using not for Chinese objects in life areas where he makes Feng Shui, but for objects and shapes that address to the collective consciousness of those consciousnesses living in that area.
Beyond the Feng Shui methods all over the world, in those areas on which he works through his own abilities and educations and in the aspects of his counselees, he carries out an intense work up to deep energy stratum and gives education on these issues.
He has been working for years on Feng Shui and Magnetic Force Field. Creation of Magnetic Force Field is a special technique developed by him.