International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey

Born in İstanbul. In her primary and secondary education, and in her university years as well, she lived in different places of Anatolia. For a long time she worked for big companies at the top management level. Later, all of a sudden she quit her career and went to Fethiye to live on an island. At the end of seven years, she wrote there her first book Sırıtkan Kırmızı Ay (Grinning Red Moon). In 2000, after coming back to İstanbul, she began to work as an instructor and a counselor. She also worked as the genereal coordinator of a film company. The TV series “7 Numara (Number 7), which nearly became a phenomenon, was the product of this beatiful team work. In the meantime, she was one of the co-founders of Xasiork Ölümsüz Öyküler Kulübü, established in order to support new authors in the field of fantastic and thriller fiction. She contributed to the organization of many meetings and competitions that enabled us to learn the imagination of the youth. She was also the first entrepreneur who published their short stories and novels. In 2002, her second book Venüs Bağlantısı (Venus Connection) was published and her third book Bir Kadını Öldürmek (To Kill a Woman) was published by Altın Kitaplar Press in June 2005. In addition to her books, she has numerous essays, philosophical poems and short stories. Her other book Sır Mısır was published again by Altın Kitaplar Press in March 2008. Working on the issue of dream over the last ten years, Atasoy helped many to become a dream interviewer. Besides, she developed a theory about the formation of the universe. This work called as Game theory was given an extensive space in her book Bir Kadını Öldürmek. Her sixth book YENİ’den Doğanlara was published in April 2012. On the one hand, she now continues her work about integral view and holistic universe (CFU). On the other hand, as a Life Design Counselor, she also maintains a team work through which she hopes to incorporate new experiences to our reality. She now lives in İstanbul and has a son.