International Self-Development Conference First Time In Turkey
Dr. Bingur SÖNMEZ

After graduating in 1976 from the Medical Faculty of İstanbul University, he completed his expertise education in the same faculty. He worked as a heart surgery assistant in London St. Thomas Hospital and as a research assistant at the Rayne Institute. In the same hospital, he received an education on coronary surgery for 3 years.

He worked at prominent institutions like İstanbul University Institute of Cardioloy, Florence Nightingale Hospital and Kadir Has University Medical Faculty. And since 2001, he has been working as the Head of Heart Surgery in the Memorial Hospital.
He is married and has two children. Domestically and internationally, he has more than a hundred publications, eight chapters in five books. His books are Radial Arter Greft Hazırlanması (Radial Arter Graft Preparation), Kalp Yogası (Heart Yoga) ve Ateşe Dönen Dünya: Sarıkamış (The World Transformed into Fire: Sarıkamış). He serves in the editorial boards of various medical journals and contributes to all cinematic, documentary and bibliographic studies on Sarıkamış, working also as a scientific consultant in this respect. He has carried out more than 13,000 open heart surgeries.
He is keen on computers, good at skiing. Underwater sports is his favorite.
He is an amateur illusionist.
He plays the shepherd’s pipe.
In his free time, he carries out surgeries.
He does not like losing patients.
Since he does not like operations ending with death, he says “No to Wars”.
He is the member of 24 national and international associations.